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We offer a professional personal tracing service when contact is lost with a friend, client or debtor. We will trace the whereabouts of the subject and report the new address and all relevant information. We always verify the new address of any successful trace before reporting back to our client. 

Remember, the best way to find a missing person is for the seeker to look for him or her personally.

All traces are conducted in the strictest of confidence and we only forward the results to our client.

We have a team of dedicated tracers who are experts with the available software to trace individuals or businesses. We have access to all of the Debtor Tracing data in the United Kingdom and have an excellent success rate.

All traces are carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act and all current legislation regarding the handling of personal data.

Contact us with your instructions and we will do the rest.

Freephone: 0800 0436 733 or Mobile: 07973 666076 

*Please note that we do not accept  'No trace No fee' instructions.